15 Mar 2017: Humility!


Wednesday of the Second Week of Lent

Reading 1: Jer. 18: 18-20; Ps. 31: 5-16; Gospel: Mt. 20: 17-28

The gospel today speaks of the virtue of humility and Jesus teaches the apostles to be humble. Humility is the queen of all the virtues. We need to get rid of our pride. As we are in a position having control over some people, sometimes, we command them in a way that hurts them, hurts them a lot disrespecting their dignity and freedom of will.

I’m a cleric. As I take care of my boys in a boarding, I used to think that they should obey immediately as I tell them what they supposed to or ought to. When they don’t respond immediately, I lose my temper. Instead of being humble, I was tempted to humiliate them though not always, as they are not prompt to the requirements of the boarding. In putting them down, I reveal who I am. In a way or the other, I humiliate myself. I feel bad later for what I’ve done in putting them down. In putting others down, I in reality, put down myself.

One fine day, after the evening games, one of the boys kicked the football away from the field. I told one of the boys to pick-up the ball and join the rest soon as we have to get back to the boarding. He responded, “You are a youth worker. Why can’t you pick-up the ball?” I was just furious; but I told myself to be in my senses and I kept calm. On seeing this, one of the boys who just heard to the conversation ran to the ball.

Leaving the family and the world even while responding to the call of God, I forget the humility that my Master have. I forget about being humble. Do I not serve the Lord when I serve my boys? What does that block me in being humble then? I, sometimes, think that when the other don’t deserve, there is no point for me to be humble. But, did Jesus think in that manner? As the psalmist says, “If the Lord counts on our sins, who would survive?” No, certainly not.  We may also say that we are human. This is how we escape ourselves from being humble. When I’m humble, though at times humiliated, I’m not losing my character and I don’t become what I’m not; but when I’m not humble, I certainly become what I’m not.

Let us try to serve one another. If we do the same thing, a wrong deed to another, what is the difference between you and the other? Let us serve the Lord with holy joy in serving our fellow being. Amen.

P.S. ArockiA Anbu SDB

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