14 November, 2017: Faithfulness Rewards


Tuesday of the Thirty Second Week in Ordinary Time

Reading: Wis. 2. 23 – 3.9; Gospel: Lk. 17. 7-10.

The first reading of today from the book of Wisdom assures and lists the rewards for the faithful ones. In the Gospel, Jesus shows us what it means to be faithful.

Jesus uses the example of a servant who toiled all through the day and returns to the his master’s house, only to wait on him. However hungry or tired he is, he has to wait for his master’s command and that is the mark of is fidelity or faithfulness. He cannot be expecting instant rewards.

In this world of instant services – instant coffee, instant food, cashless economy, doorstep delivery – we will fail to grasp the meaning of this teaching.

We see in the parable of the talents, the philosophy of Jesus, “those who were given more, more will be demanded of them; those who have more, more will be given them.” We seem to think that our employers have something against us and we tend to grumble: He is partial, I have to work more than the others… In fact, it is the way the world works. Those who work faithfully and efficiently are always given more work. The very fact that you are always given more responsible work is the recognition of your talent and hardwork and that itself is the greatest reward. Our task is to remain faithful to the one who entrusted us with the task and to the tasks entrusted with us.

Our master will reward us in his own time, when he has tested us and found us worthy of himself (Wis. 3. 5).

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