14 April 2017: On His Path


Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion

A couple of years ago my three year old nephew made the following comment during the enactment of the passion in my home parish.  “He is supposed to walk, isn’t he?  Tell them to beat him again. Then he’ll walk.”    As my Mum reported this to me, she was not sure whether to laugh or admonish him.  She said, my nephew was partially upset because his sleep was disturbed and no one was moving. All were still and crowded around the enactment scene – until Jesus moved!

Well, was Jesus ‘supposed’ to have walked that way?  He could have ‘walked’ away from all of it too. Even when He chose to walk, He did it in near perfect silence.  No shouts, no insults, no harsh words, no pleas of innocence or injustice.  Perhaps His walk that day is what makes us Christians today.  If not for His decision to walk to Calvary, we would have been standing still, like my nephew, not clear where to go and what to do.  Even in His moments of agony and pain, Jesus shows us the way.  All that I’m asked to do is be courageous and generous enough to walk in His footsteps.

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