14-07-2018; The Meaning of Christian Suffering



Saturday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1 Is 6:1-8; Gospel Mt 10:24-33

One of the problems faced by all the human beings is tension and worries about multifarious things and events. These worries could be about one’s family, relationships, jobs, sicknesses, future, rejection, loneliness etc. All these are possible as we dwell in this world of competitions. Some would even lose their faith in God as a result of great despair. Some people would dare to question God. Is God dead? Is he not watching my plight?

Jesus in today’s gospel would give us an assurance that everything is seen by God. “Every single hair on your head has been counted, and it does not fall without the knowledge of the father.” Jesus has this consoling phrase which is quoted several times throughout the gospels. “Do not be afraid.” We should realize that God doesn’t allow sufferings that are unable for us to bear. When we complain for silly things and when we get into despair for numerous things it is good to make a comparison with the troubles that I have with that of the excruciating pain and suffering underwent by Christ. My suffering is nothing compared to that of Christ who paid himself as a ransom for the sins of the entire humanity.

Sufferings are part and parcel of Christian life since we follow a master who proved by way of His own life that salvation is by the cross. Let us not withdraw from Him when he calls to follow Him more closely. We have the call of prophet Isaiah in the first reading and the lord asks a question “Whom shall I choose, and who will go for me?” The immediate answer of Isaiah should inspire us. “Lord here I am; send me.” Let us too take a vow to follow the path of suffering looking forward to a greater reward promised by the Lord.

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