13 July,2018; The Promise of Christ


Friday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading -1 Hos 14:2-10; Gospel Mt 10:16-23

We are living in a world of promises. The very sustenance of human beings depends on the fascinating promises made to each other. A father promises a vehicle for the child if he/she scored a high rank in S.S.L.C. The multi-national companies promise a high salary and better job facilities. When the students of schools and colleges ask each other for some help, the immediate question that follows would be “what will you give me.” When the parents send their children away from home for studies or job, think of the acute preparations they make so as to ensure the safety and welfare of the child.

In this highly sophisticated scenario, Jesus would have his great message through the gospel passage. When Jesus sends his disciples for the apostolic mission the promise he makes is rather strange for our grasp. “People will hate and persecute you because of me, but whoever remains firm till the end would be saved”

Jesus never offers a flower spread road to tread on for his mission. What he offers is persecution, rejection and martyrdom. He would demand from His disciples the inevitability of carrying the daily crosses. He promises the greatest reward for such people and that is eternal life; a wonderful experience of being in the beatific and blissful vision of God in perpetuity. Let us take a vow to carry the daily crosses with joy and be assured of the reward that Jesus has promised.

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