13 Jan 2017: We Believe


Friday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Heb. 4: 1-5, 55; Ps. 78: 3-8; Gospel: Mk. 2: 1-12

The saying of St. Augustine goes thus, “Faith is to believe on the words of God, what we do not see, and its reward is to see and enjoy what we believe.”

St. Augustine is one of the greatest saints of the Church, but when we go through his life, we find that his early life was marked with sin and rebellion against God. His mother, St. Monica who was a devout Christian did not stop in praying and shedding tears for the conversion of her son. She followed Augustine wherever he went and pleaded with him to change his life from evil to good. The journey of prayer for the conversion of her son was not an easy journey, yet she continued praying and as a result we have the conversion of St. Augustine. A great sinner becomes the great saint.

Today’s Gospel passage speaks about the healing of a paralytic man. The four men who were carrying the paralytic man were not able to approach Jesus because of the crowd so they opened the roof above the room where Jesus was and lowered the man on his mat. It is written that when Jesus saw their faith (of four men), He healed the man. Here we are not sure whether the paralytic man had faith in Jesus or not but his four friends had tremendous faith in Jesus. The healing miracle in the Gospel today invites each one of us to……

  1. Have Faith in Jesus:

In order to experience miracles in our daily life, we need to have strong faith in Jesus. Just as four friends who had tremendous faith in Jesus were able to accompany the paralytic man in order to cure him. The four men in the Gospel story believed that Jesus was able and willing to heal any man or a woman. It is are minder for all of us to develop a strong faith in our saviour Jesus Christ.

  1. Pray for One Another:

Praying for one another is said to be a great gift. We have St. Monica who prayed for her son Augustine and the life of St. Augustine was transformed. Jesus Christ saw the faith of the four friends and healed the paralytic man so may Jesus see our faith and heal others. It is said that the prayer of the righteous is effective and powerful. When we pray for others, we bring them before Jesus. Many of the graces that we have received have come to us because others have been praying for us. Jesus intercedes for us in heaven; we intercede for others on earth.

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