12, March, 2018: Make Jesus Proud


Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Reading: Is. 65.17-21; Gospel: Jn. 4.43-54

Jesus today seems to be weary of the people’s mindset. “Unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe,” says Jesus (Jn 3:48).
Reading this verse a well-acquainted individual came to my mind. He would very often state, “The Lord has been too merciful to me. God is good all the time. I have received so many favours from God, starting with receiving little permissions at office, to miraculously being saved from death. Actually I experience miracles each day. But I have not been so faithful to God. Every time I am in need or caught up in an emergency situation, I will cry unto the Lord, ‘Lord grant me this blessing and I will stay faithful (or give up this particular sinful habit) for the rest of my life’. But usually once the blessing is received, I either forget about my promise or give up on it”. Personally I can connect to those words and the same has been a reality in my life too.
However, there is a different setting in the Gospel passage of the day. The royal official received only one blessing (favour) from the Lord, but it seems to have changed his heart and his entire household. If one blessing could do that, my friends, just imagine, what all the blessings that we have received from the Lord, should have done for us! To be born – as a human being (with capacity to know and love God), and as a Christian (knowing the one true God) and that too as a Catholic (the one true Church with Mother Mary’s maternal presence) are all great blessings in themselves – few of the best blessings I would say. But having received these blessings, has our life been different is the question. It took only one blessing for the royal official to believe in Jesus and be transformed. How many blessings would we need? Will Jesus be happy with us or upset with us as He was with the people of His time? Do you want Jesus to be proud of you or upset with you?
Do you really know Jesus as the Almighty God and your personal Saviour? Are you really able to love Jesus above all persons and things and desires – even more than life itself? If so, thanks be to God. If not, you better start.

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