12 January, 2018: Faith in Jesus


Friday of the First Week in Ordinary Time
Reading: 1 Sam. 8. 4-7, 10-22a; Mk 2: 1-12
In the Gospel today we have the people of Capernaum who manifest their strong faith in Jesus. We see them ready to do anything and take whatever risks to get closer to Jesus. The Gospel says that “So many people gathered that there was no room even outside the door.” On the other hand there were also others in crowd who had their hearts closed with regard to forgiveness of sins by Jesus. Today let us examine our faith: How is my faith in Jesus Christ? Do I believe that Jesus is God, who is in control of my life and bigger than all my problems? Faith is God’s gratuitous gift. We cannot buy it. It is a gift. Let this thought keep us humble. With repentance let us pray: “Forgive me, Lord. You are God. You ‘can’ forgive my sins.”

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