12 December, 2017: Amazing Grace that goes after the Lost One.


Tuesday of 2nd Week of Advent

Modern men and women seeped in the materialistic world are often not aware that we are lost spiritually. It is only when a crisis strikes that we wake up and realize our emptiness. And yet all through our lives the loving Lord God is seeking us out, seeking to draw us to Himself and fill us with His peace and joy. The Infinite Almighty God, the Creator of this vast universe with billions of galaxies and stars spread across, millions of light year condescends like a good shepherd, who goes in search of a lost sheep leaving the other sheep grazing. The deep concern and love of the Lord is unique and unfathomable. The Gospel tells us that the shepherd feels happier over this one sheep than over the ninety nine that did not get lost. So each one of us need to realize deep within ourselves the privileged position we hold in the heart of God. Therefore it is essential that we constantly thank God for His endearing love for us.

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