12 August, 2017: Faith is…


Saturday of the 18th Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Dt. 6. 4-13; Gospel: Matthew 17:14-20
Today, Jesus in the Gospel calls his beloved disciples ‘O you people, faithless and misled!’ The context is that the disciples failed to heal an epileptic when his father approached them. So, the father approached Jesus and let him know about it. After healing the boy, Jesus told the disciples that they could not heal because they had little faith. If the disciples, who lived with Jesus, lacked faith, then how strong is our faith today? Let us reflect about it for a while.
Faith is the root of every Christian life; it is basic to the life of grace. It is not just accepting a list of truths. It always involves a personal encounter with God. Faith is supernatural and requires the grace of God. To believe a person must receive the interior grace of God. Let us take time to be in the presence of Jesus, encounter Him, surrender our life to him and pray for the gift of faith. Faith is a theological virtue, and that means that by it we must attain God himself.

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