11 Sept 2018: Forgiving Victim


Tuesday of the Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: 1 Cor 6: 1-11; Gospel: Lk. 6: 12-19

Today’s readings illustrate how a believer ought to refrain himself/herself from pursuing a lawsuit against his/her co-believer. As Christians, there should not have been a dispute between them in the first place. The gravity of the sin would be all the more serious if the lawsuit is pursued before a non-believer. To be an unforgiving Christian would not only scandalize one’s brethren in Christ but damage the goodwill of Christians among non-believers. St. Paul would even go the extent of exhorting the faithful to allow themselves be wronged and defrauded. From whom could he possibly get the inspiration for such hard a teaching?

Who else, but Christ Jesus himself. If we look at today’s gospel passage we find Jesus calling his disciples and choosing from among them twelve of his apostles – one of whom was Judas Iscariot – whom Jesus, in all probability, knew would betray him in the future. In other words, he allowed himself to be betrayed, to be defrauded with a traitor’s kiss! And for what? However insane and incredulous it may sound, it was for the salvation of the entire human race including Judas himself. Now how about that? Allowing oneself to be wronged will wrought the salvation of both the offender as well as the offended of his/her past sins. Just like Jesus brought healing to all who came to him, so will the forgiving victim bring healing to his defrauding brother or sister in faith.  

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