11 Oct 2017: Our Father


Wednesday of the Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Jon. 4: 1-11; Gospel: Lk. 11: 1-4

Through the prayer “Our Father” God may be inviting us that He is not swayed by the quantity of words, but by the quality the heart. When analyzing the Prayer we arrive at as how the prayer is phrased out. First and foremost, in its simplicity; it is beautifully structured and loaded with meditative element. Secondly, its content is extended to; a) reverence for God and His name b) prayer for the progress of God’s kingdom and His will on earth c) asking for physical necessities d) asking for spiritual needs e) praises God.

Pope Francis would attribute the prayer ‘Our Father’ as the cornerstone of our prayer life. And he adds on to say; “It’s good for us to sometimes examine our own consciences.  For me, is God my Father? Do I feel that He is my Father? And if I don’t feel that, let me ask the Holy Spirit to teach me to feel that way. And am I able to forget offences, to forgive, to let go of it, and if not, let us ask the Father: ‘these people too are your children, they did something horrible to me … can you help me to forgive them’? Let us carry out this examination of our consciences and it will do us a lot of good, good, good. ‘Father’ and ‘our’: give us our identity as his children and give us a family to journey with during our lives.” And along with the universal church let us make this prayer our own.

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