11 July 2019; Our Attitude


Memorial of Saint Benedict, Abbot

Readings: Gen 44:18-21, 23b-29, 45:1-5, Mt 10:7-15

It’s natural to give a personal credit to all that we possess and have in life, may be in the form of talents or wealth and in others aspects of life. Once a Priest approached Bishop Sheen and said, “in six years I have made seventy two conversions.” Bishop immediately replied, “I would advice you to stop counting them. Otherwise, you might think you made them and not God.” The first reading of today invites us to see God’s action in all our endeavours.  The fact is we have nothing apart from what He gives. We have a perfect example in the person of Joseph as we find in the first reading of today. Joseph is an exemplary in realizing God’s plan. Despite the fact that he gained super power in the kingdom of Egypt, after his brothers had sold him to the Egyptians, and when those same brothers came asking for food, he doesn’t boast over his power and condemn them. Rather, he finds a plan of God and God’s design in all that had taken place and responds, “but now, do not grieve, do not reproach yourselves for having sold me here, since God sent me before you to preserve your lives.” What is our attitude in similar situations of our lives?

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