11 July, 2017: Bless and Be Blessings


Tuesday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Gen. 32:23-32; Gospel: Mt. 9:32-38

The first reading shows how Jacob wrestled with the messenger of God all through the night to win His blessings. Jacob had to muster all of his might to stop him from leaving till God’s envoy blessed him.

The Gospel, however, portrays an image of God contrary to that of the Old Testament. Jesus (God saves) not only wants to bless, but to be a blessing himself. In the New Testament, Jesus becomes one with us through incarnation, went about doing good to all, thus becoming a blessing to all whom he encountered. In fact, the Gospel says that he was moved with pity and lamented over the fact that despite his best of efforts, he couldn’t reach out to all.

He cast out demons, cured the sick, raised the dead, consoled the helpless and forgave sins. Finally, on Mt. Calvary, he himself becomes the greatest of all blessings by being the ransom for our reconciliation with God.

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