11 December, 2017: Faith gives New Life and Healing.


Monday of 2nd Week of Advent

Reading 1: Is. 35. 1-10; Gospel: Lk. 5. 17-26.

As we try to visualize today’s dramatic Gospel scene, we see Jesus in a room surrounded by a crowd of people. There appeared at the door, four men carrying a paralytic, trying to take him to Jesus, confident that He would heal their friend. The crowd in the room and at the door made it impossible for them to enter. At this stage we must admire the tenacity and courage of those men who carried the sick man all the way to the roof of the house belonging to someone and lowered him right in front of Jesus. All sitting there must be shocked but what Jesus noted was the faith of the men and the Gospel tells us that seeing their faith Jesus healed the paralytic. The paralytic was blessed to have friends who were men of deep faith. Do we also have genuine friends who are men and women of faith? Do they help us to grow in our faith and do they accompany us in our journey to Jesus? Let us hope that our friends will always be the light enlightening and leading us to Jesus the healer. It is also an invitation for us to be people of such deep faith that we will guide our friends to seek Christ.

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