10 Mar 2017: Be Reconciled!


“We will not be left away until we have paid the last penny.”

In life, we will always enjoy the double of our deeds. If we do well, we will surely, enjoy the double; if we do badly, we will surely, suffer the double; if not in this life, in the next life after our death from this empirical world. In today’s gospel, Jesus speaks about the anger and the reconciliation.

On Anger: Each of us get angry either for one reason or the other. Some of us may not even still speak with the other to whom we have little misunderstanding. Let not one action ruin our years of relationship, unless breaking the trust. It is always the hater who suffers more than the hated. In anger, we always keep our e-go at the prime place. Let us let go ego, however high we may go.

On Reconciliation: Lord Jesus tells us to reconcile with the other with whom we are in little misunderstanding, before we offer our offering. Of course, we may not offer some goods in everyday Holy Eucharist; but in every Holy Eucharist, as Christ offered His life for us, we need to offer ourselves to God. When we offer ourselves to God, do we give the best of ourselves? We need to think on this aspect. As I said earlier, it is our ego that stands as a stumbling-block in forgiving the other and in getting reconciled with him/her.

I would like to share my personal experience with regard to this: A few days ago, I shouted at a boy who was very adamant and talkative, especially in the sacred places and who, at times, bullies the other boys. I have given him several warnings and have spoken with him in person in showing the right path. As I called him, I was struggling inside my heart whether to look into the mater later when I am calm and serene or to correct him then and there; at least by then, he could change to a certain extent. I was battling inside whether to be kind or to be firm. It is easy to say that we should be firm, but kind. There are always one or two individuals who will not walk with the group. At last, I decided to keep myself calm and discuss it later. As the boy came near, my heart was very cold blocking my heart and I gave him my peace of mind. I, then, felt bad in correcting that manner. What have I gained? Of course, I won over my ego, but last myself with that boy. I used to think frequently, “Will I desire the same way of correction towards me?” This has aided me a lot to keep myself calm and be kind. On the next day, as I have not yet reconciled with that boy, I was in turmoil whether to receive the Holy Communion during the Holy Eucharist or not. I stepped back, but later, I decided to receive the communion; thus, I may gain strength to forgive that individual and accept him as he is.

Please, let us forgive people in our life, not because they deserve, but because that we may live in peace with ourselves. If Lord would count on our sins, who would survive to stand in His Holy place? Let us make ourselves worthy to stand in His holy place and to receive Him in our hearts. Amen.

Author: P.S. Arockia Anbu SDB

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