10 April 2019: Truth and Freedom are twins. They always go together.


Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Daniel 3:14-20,24-25,28; John 8:31-42

The truth will make you free

Truth and freedom are some of the most commonly used and misused words. People have confused ideas about them, and misunderstanding often arises due to the different ways in which each one grasps these concepts. This happened between Jesus and the Jews in their disputes.

What is Truth, was the famous question of Pilate. There could be many meanings to the word: a) Correspondence between the mind and the reality. If what you perceive with your senses is the same as the reality outside, you have the truth. b) Fidelity. When you do what you promise, you are truthful. c) When you grasp the real nature of things, and the true goals of life, you are living in truth, not illusion. When Jesus says that he is the truth and that he preaches the truth, he refers to this third meaning. The truth is that God is the most loving Father, and that he has sent his Son who is the source and summit of all life. When we believe this, and conduct our lives in consonance with it, we attain truth, redemption and freedom!

Freedom is again one of the most abused words. It is generally understood as the possibility of choosing between alternatives, without coercion. There are various kinds of freedom – physical, political, social, emotional, and moral. The most important is moral freedom, the ability to choose between good and evil. But by choosing evil, we choose destruction for ourselves and for others. That is why Jesus says that ‘anyone who sins is a slave to sin’! And when we choose the good, then we are in touch with reality, with God, and we become the source of life.

The truth to carry home today is: If we are in sin, we are slaves. It is the saint who is a free man!

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