10.10.18; The Man on the Cross


Wednesday of the Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1Gal  2:1-2, 7-14;  Gospel Lk 11:1-4

In today’s gospel, we see Jesus enquires to his disciple about the various opinions that are spoken about his identity. After a while, Jesus pauses the same question to his disciples in order to know their mind. Peter acknowledged his identity. But Jesus explained to them about the culmination of his mission especially his death on the cross and followed by his resurrection on the third day. The disciples could not understand the logic of their master. If Jesus is the Son of God, why he had to suffer and die on the cross? Therefore, Peter rebuked him. But Jesus explained himself to Peter in little strong words. He came here not to establish a throne and reign as a king instead his throne was the cross and he died on the cross to reign in our hearts; to empower us to be part of eternity, the everlasting kingdom of God. The beauty of Christianity is the mystery of the cross. No one can follow Christ by denying one’s own cross. When we accept our cross and join it along with that of Christ it becomes salfivic, we become the true disciples and Jesus becomes the Messiah.

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