1 July 2017: We believe in a Powerful God


Saturday of the Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Gen 18: 1-15; Gospel: Mt 7: 5-17

The Gospel of today presents to us lots of incidents in few words. I think, we can draw out a few strong lessons for our faith journey towards Christ.

  • Christ never fails to take notice of us: out thoughts, words and actions. As he recognized the faith underlying in the statement made by the army captain, he too acknowledges our faith and charity, our behaviour and activities, and our prayers. We have an awesome God who is so much after us. Let us thanks Him and continue to be faithful to Him.
  • What Jesus expects from us is to believe in Him: believe in His power, believe in His love, believe in His care and believe in His desire for our well-being. He has not created us purposeless. Let us journey towards Him increasing this belief. There is no surety for anyone to enter heaven; even the heirs of the kingdom of God can be thrown out for unbelief. Let us examine our faith in Him…!
  • For Jesus, a single word is enough to drive out the spirits. A gentle touch is enough to heal the sick. The God we believe in is so powerful that the mountains will shake and seas will roar at the pronouncement of His name. Do we really acknowledge this power? Are we willing to experience this power? This power is indeed transmitter to us through the Eucharist. Do we desire to take part in it? Let us be assured that a simple desire of ours will always be recognized by our Loving Lord Jesus.

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