1 Feb 2019 ; God’s powerful presence in little things


Friday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time
Reading 1Heb 10:32-39Gospel Mk 4:26-34

Life teaches us that all great things are accomplished in small and little stages. Thus each little thing or step becomes very important.

Jesus using an ordinary seed, speaks about the powerful and dynamic presence of God in simple things. The seed is used to explain about the kingdom of God that is ever present among us.

In the first parable we see the seed being scattered on the earth. This small seed inspite of the sower resting and being absent produces a crop for harvest. It reminds us of God’s sustaining presence in the history of humanity.

The second parable speaks of tiny mustard seed which grows big and stretches out itself to become home for all birds.

The kingdom of God is none other than Jesus. He is the seed sown in humanity who died and rose so that we could all be gathered (harvest) in the Father. He is the tiny mustard seed, who stretched himself on the tree to reconcile all nations with God.

The same Lord is every present in our lives, our ups and downs, our triumphs and failures; in the everyday moments of our lives. He makes himself specially present in the little Eucharistic bread…..

The Lord calls us to be people of hope, who are able to experience his closeness in the ordinary events of life. He invites us to be mystics in action….

May today be a day of encounter with the Lord who is always present to us in simple realities and may we too, in turn, be visible instruments of His encounter to others as well.

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