09 Feb 2019; Compassionate Presence


Saturday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time
Reading 1 Heb 13:15-17, 20-21Gospel Mk 6:30-34

I would like to reflect along with you by posing a question: Are you a compassionate person? Could you be able to see the pain of others beyond your own pain? Our nurturing presence transforms others. When we analyze the salvation history of Israel, we are constantly moved by the fact that God was always present with them. The Biblical author used a profound and meaningful phrase to express the ever-abiding presence of Yahweh with them: “A cloud by day and fire by night.” Later on, so as to remind themselves of this fact of a God who is always available to them, they started to keep the bread of the presence in the Ark of the Covenant, a love that awaits without fail and conditions. Jesus, the fullness of God’s revelation teaches us to live the spirituality of presence in our day-to-day lives.

In today’s gospel we see Jesus and his disciples were completely worn out after their hectic work, yet when he encountered the multitude, who sought him so passionately, he was moved with compassion for them. Jesus forgets his own weariness and being present to them, to listen, to mend their brokenness, to touch and to heal them… It is not easy to live the spirituality of the presence. To be present in someone’s life, especially when that person needs our presence, it can be his/her dark nights, demands a lot from us. In order to fulfill this mission, we need to be men and women of compassion, who is not moved by mere pity, but as persons who are able to transcend the feelings of empathy and above all, making ourselves available to suffer with the other… then we become the face of Jesus’ compassion…and they will say…Yes, God is with us…

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