09 Aug 2019: Taking up the Cross of Christ


Friday of the Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Readings;  Deu 4, 32-40, Mt. 16: 24-28

What does the cross signify to you? Does it signify hardship and burden? During the time of Jesus the cross was a sign of judgment and suffering.By saying to the disciples that they have to take up their own cross if they desire to follow Him, Jesus was telling them that they have to be ready to be oppressed, ready to face hardships and ready to be unfairly judged. Many of the disciples took this challenge of Jesus and in so doing they found the real meaning of life.He also challenges the faith of the hearers by saying that he who tries to save his/her life will lose it, and he/she who is willing to give up his/her life will save it.Many of us seek the life of ease and comfort thinking that this is what life is all about. But life of ease and comfort is not the real essence of life. Could you find your life by living a worldly life? Could you find purpose in this world by living the lifestyle of the rich and famous? Many rich and famous personalities in this world committed suicide because they struggled to find the purpose of their lives. The real purpose of life consists in fulfilling the will of god that each one of us is endowed with. God has a purpose. He has a plan which is not for our destruction but for our welfare. He has a plan to lead us in the right path that leads to eternal life and salvation of our life.It is only through following Jesus and carrying His cross that you would find your life. Therefore you have to be ready to carry your cross for you to be called a true follower of Jesus. May god help all of us to be his true followers by our way of living.

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