17 May 2018: Four requests of Jesus


The gospel of the day presents to us the third part of the priestly prayer of Jesus namely his prayer for the future disciples. Jesus assures his presence and prays for the disciples who will believe in him by listening to the Word that is preached to them.

A careful reading of the text presents the reader with the four requests that are placed by Jesus to the Father in his prayer. They are worth reflecting to see the quality of our Christian life, for a comparison between the ideal (what Jesus expected) and the real (what we are living today).

The first request is that ‘the believers may be one’ (v 20).

The second request is that ‘believers may be perfected in unity (v. 23)

The third request is that ‘believers may be with Him in glory (v.24)

The fourth request is that “believers may be filled with God’s love (vv.25-26)

The challenge that is placed before us today is to consider these requests of Jesus and see how far we have accomplished in our lives. May God help us to be more and more Christ-like in our daily life.

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