06 April 2017: Identity in Association with…



Reading 1: Gn 17: 3-9; Ps. 105: 4-9; Gospel: 8: 51-59

Identity is always carved out in association and not in isolation.  Jesus always identifies Himself as son of the Father.  He identifies Himself as one doing the will of the Father.  Yahweh, in the Old Testament, too identifies Himself with the people of Israel.  The covenant is mere endorsement of this mutual identification between the people of Israel and Yahweh.

Human as we are, we too seek identity, but often in opposition, rather than through association.  We tend to be superior or better than somebody, rather than on par with others. Even when we claim mere on par association, it is for our own advantage.  Jesus, and our Father, always seek association with us, in which everyone is at an advantage.

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