05 May 2017: Call to Conversion


Friday of the Third Week of Easter

Reading 1: Acts. 9: 1-20; Ps. 117: 1-2; Gospel: Jn. 6: 52-59

Liturgy of the Word presents to us about the conversion St. Paul. Paul himself recounts his testimony twice. (Ac. 22:6-16; 26:12-18). The conversion of St. Paul provides us with  more than enough prospect to reflect about our lives

  • Firstly Paul had a former life: He lived according to the traditions of the elders and he was very zealous about the same. He burned with a flaming fury against Christ and his disciples and in fact, he took pride in doing so. But once he knew Jesus and the power of his name he completely abandoned himself to the will of God. We are also invited to be courageous as St. Paul to live by the way of life that is marked out for each one of us.
  • God will never leave us alone when we follow his commands. God will surely look after the one whom he has called. As God send Ananias to help Paul God will surely send his help to us when we need him and his help.

Dc. Joseph Dandavathi

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