05 January 2019: Jesus is our Goal


Memorial of Saint John Neumann, Bishop
Reading 1 1 Jn 3:11-21;
Gospel Jn 1:43-51 

It’s already a week since we have stepped in the New Year. The spirit was high in the beginning, but in no time we may find ourselves swinging with the currents of life. The current here I refer to is; the easy and comfortable life that we look for, the indifferent attitude towards our life, to be successful without hard work, and relating with others for benefits and so on. These are the things that won’t allow us to move forward towards our goal. They make us feel that we have to move with the crowd to survive in this world. We often find ourselves caught up in these currents because we listen to voice of the world and we follow it. In simple terms very often we look for humans as role model and we seek humans help.as a result we find ourselves discouraged and distracted from vision and left alone.To keep ourselves moving towards our goal we need to swim against these currents. How is it possible?

In today’s Gospel we are given an invitation which is extended by Jesus to all His disciples. It is to Follow Him. Following Him would mean to listen to His voice and to respond to Him and to follow His teachings and not of the world. His teachings are simple but challenging. His teachings may look as if it is for the weak, but in reality to follow His teachings you need to be strong. His teachings would not allow us to seek for an easy and comfortable life, histeachings will give a purpose for our life, it will make us love not our neighbor alone but the enemies also, and above all, His teachings will make our life more meaningful. Thus, by following Jesus we can swim against the current and reach the goal that Jesus wants us to achieve.

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