05 feb 2019; In Christ Alone…


Memorial of Saint Agatha, Virgin and Martyr
Reading 1Heb 12:1-4; Gospel MK 5:21-43

Our life is a journey of faith. The dimension of faith plays a vital role in our life. It gives a sense of direction and meaning to our existence. In today’s gospel we come across two events wherein, we perceive two kinds of attitude towards the element of faith. The first instance is that of Jesus healing the daughter of Jairus, the president of synagogue. His circumstances led him to Jesus because his daughter was on the verge of death and finally she died. Jairus knew that this rabbi could work wonders in the life of her daughter but he did not have the faith to believe that rabbi could restore her dead daughter to life. Jesus understands his mental agony and brings her back to life. Whereas, the faith level of the woman, who was suffering due to hemorrhage, can be rated as par excellence. She ardently believed that even a gentle touch on the hem of his cloak could heal her. Finally, she received the blessing that she has been waiting for twelve years. Jesus expressed his surprise at the act of this woman. Isn’t it another surprise for you? I think Jesus wanted to present this woman as the paragon of faith who lost all her hopes and dreams, yet with great faith she approached Jesus. Her faith was so great that it demanded a miracle from Jesus and finally Jesus commends that her faith it was her faith that restored her to health. Each moment of our life should be a Christ experience that nurtures our faith journey. Whatever be the circumstances, let us seek shelter in Jesus and cling on him and his love will heal us…

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