04 Feb 2019; Count your Blessings


Monday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time
Reading 1Heb 11:32-40; Gospel Mk 5:1-20

Have you ever given testimony to Jesus for the marvels he has done in your life? In today’s
gospel, we see Jesus healing a demoniac person. If we analyze this exorcism, we could
categorize this as one of the violent exorcisms recorded in the gospels. The power of the evil was so strong it causes destruction even after the exorcism by pushing the swineherds into the sea. Once the demoniac experiences freedom in the Spirit, he wants to be with Jesus. However, Jesus commissioned him to preach his ‘God experience’ to His family members and natives. He acts as Jesus instructs him. When we glance through the pages of our life, we too must have come across similar situations wherein, we felt that we were beyond redemption yet the amazing grace of God saved a wretch like us and transformed us into a new person in Christ. Nevertheless, did we acknowledge this mercy of God? Mea culpa…I have not done so far… Let us sing of his mercy…

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