04 January 2019: Pointer to Jesus


Memorial of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, Religious
Reading 11 JN 3:7-10; Gospel Jn 1:35-42

John the Baptist whom we have already seen as a forerunner of Christ, a role model for all the followers of Christ, yet in today’s gospel we see him as a pointer.He had to point others to the Lamb of God.His role was to prepare the way for Jesus. So when his disciples left him to follow Jesus, he was not upset because that was his job. Like John each one of us are invited to be a pointer. We have to point out Jesus to others. We should prepare the way for the coming of Jesus in their lives.

      In the present context we might have come across many religious leaders in our own Mother church who have lots of followers. It sounds good to know that they have their own followers. But it is a pity that these people who come in search of Jesus are  sometimes made to depend on the ministers for their selfish motifs. The ministers fail to point them to Jesus. This happens when someone is blessed in their ministry and they think that it’s all their work and that they are powerful. They often forget that they are just an instrument in the hands of God who make use of all his ministers. The Gospel today is inviting us to be a pointer to Jesus as was John the Baptist.

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