04 Dec 2018: Cosmic Awareness of God


Tuesday 1st Week of Advent

Reading 1:Is. 11:1-10;  Gospel: Lk. 10:21-24

Both the readings of the day speak of the knowledge concerning God – that knowledge…that mindfulness…that cosmic awareness of God and his ways, which would turn around the current ungodly situation and usher in the days of the long lost Paradise. And the first reading goes at length to graphically illustrate as to how it would be – the wolves dwelling with the lamb, the leopard resting with a kid, calves and lion cubs feeding together, calves and bear cubs cuddling together, lions going vegan like cattle and the newly-weaned child playing with cobras and vipers. All this would be possible when the knowledge of the Lord pervades the entire world like the waters that cover the seas.

Is this knowledge accessible to all? Oh yes. Could all arrive at this knowledge? No. Actually, Jesus, in today’s gospel, is more outright and emphatic regarding the same. In fact, he thanks the Lord for hiding this knowledge from the wise and the learned and made them known to the meek and humble. This knowledge is not exclusive to a select few. All we need is to submit ourselves to God Almighty and humble ourselves to acknowledge our limitations. It is to them that God reveals himself. And the fullest, most perfect self-revelation of God is Jesus Christ his beloved Son. To the scribes and the Pharisees, Jesus was just a rebel, an eccentric, the country-bred son of a country-bred carpenter who challenged their sway in society. But to the outcastes and the pariahs, the sinners and the sick, Jesus was the much-awaited Messiah.

Please don’t identify me as a neo-Gnostic, who believes that this esoteric and exclusive knowledge is what that saves us. No, it is our response to this knowledge/awareness of God that brings us to salvation. True awareness of the all-good God who neither deceives nor be deceived can only elicit a righteous and just response from us. We humans are beings are innately inclined to good. The devil from its part plays the perfect deceiver; he either corrupts our awareness or slackens our efforts to arrive at this true awareness.

Even the apostles were no exception. One of the Twelve, who were fortunate to see, hear, live with and experience Jesus, ended up betraying him. Only the eyes of the meek and the heart of the humble could see and hear Jesus as the Son of God, the Messiah – the fullest of God’s revelation.

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