04 Dec 2017: With Humility and Faith


Monday of 1st Week of Advent

Reading 1: Is 2:1-5; Gospel: Mt 8:5-11

In the first reading, the oracle of Isaiah presents a situation very concrete to our times. People look around for various ways and means to resolve conflicts using scientific means, technology, human resources etc… However, the real solution to every conflict or problem comes from the Lord, His Word, (Logos). The word is not merely a reference to text but to a person, Jesus in whom we have fullness of redemption. Everyone who seeks the Lord will get to know the way.

The gospel presents to us a model who sought for the Lord’s help. The centurion, who is not a Jew, seeks for the Lord’s intervention with humility and faith. In the context when the Jews asked for signs, here we find a person who places his trust in the power of Lord’s word and believes it will be fulfilled.

Advent is the season of longing and hope. We have a wonderful model in the person of our Bl. Mother who believed and experienced fulfillment in her life. Prophet Isaiah invites us to go to the Lord to seek His ways for us and by walking in that we may thereby find fulfillment. During the Eucharist, the centurion reminds us to express our faith in the Lord who comes down on the altar to experience His saving power.

May the Lord lead us during this advent to seek Him in our lives. And may the words of the psalmist “May peace be yours…..May blessings be yours” come true as we seek the Lord and prepare for Christmas.

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