03 January 2019: Christ the Saviour of the World


Christmas Weekday
Reading 1: 1 Jn 2:29–3:6; Gospel: Jn 1:29-34

The hero of the previous Gospel is again the hero here in today’s Gospel. John the Baptist is an ideal person who can be looked up by every Christian. He has setan example for all of us  to live our lives on this earth in a meaning full manner. Every Christian is called to proclaim the Good News and by doing so we live a true Christian life.

In the Gospel today we see how John declares, identifies and bears witness to the Lamb of God. These are actually the basic characteristics of a Christ’s follower. John the Baptist by declaring Jesus as the Lamb of God to the world, he makes known Jesus to the world which has not yet recognized the Lamb. Today in our context we are called to do the same. It will be possible for us only when our spiritual eyes are open, which in turn will help us to see the presence of Jesus Christ amidst us.

Further,John while declaring to the world about the Lamb of God he identifies Lamb as the saviour for whom everyone was waiting. This identification was necessary because the people were waiting for their Messiah who was now amidst them. He was able to identify Jesus not as his cousin but as the Lamb who had come to save  humanity because he allowed himself to be led by the Spirit of God.

Finally,John’s declaration and identification was authenticated with his testimony. He witnessed to the world what he was said by one who sent him. It was possible for him because he was in constant union with the one who has sent him.

Thus through all these John the Baptist lived an authentic life as per his call. Letus imbibe the same spirit of John that we may declare Christ in our daily life,identify Christ as the saviour of the World and testify to the world Christ’s infinite love.

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