02 August 2017: Whom do You Feed?


Wednesday of the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Ex 34:29-35; Gospel: Mt. 13: 44-46

The biggest war that a human being can ever witness, is the war within – “the war of choice”. From the time one wakes in the morning (choosing to wake up or to sleep little longer) till one goes back to sleep at night (choosing to sleep early or late), there is a constant fight within every human being throughout the day to make the right choices. Sometimes these choices are made easily whereas at other times it proves to be a difficult task. Now the question is ‘How does one make the right decision?’ It is our Conscience that helps us to make the right decisions. Though it is given to us by God, we have the responsibility to form it. To make this clear, I would like to narrate what a grandfather once told his grandson about the fight between the good wolf and the bad wolf within our heart. The grandson asked his grandfather, ‘which wolf wins the fight?’ ‘The one that is fed well,’ replied the grandfather.

Yes dear friends, these days we have been reflecting about the kingdom of God in the Gospel readings and we have come to believe and understand that Jesus Himself is the Kingdom of God. In this case, today we are reminded of the gift or the treasure we all have in Jesus Christ. The Gospel puts forth to us a choice to choose between this precious gift from God the Father and that which we possess for ourselves in this world. We cannot have both, instead we have to choose one. Thus to choose the best it is our conscience which would help us and it will do so if it is fed well by the good deeds of ours.

Let us pray thus for God’s grace that we may feed our conscience with good deeds that it may always be geared up to make the right choices.

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