02 Aug 2018: To Be That Place Where the Son of Man Can Lay His Head


Thursday of the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Jer 18;1-6; Gospel: Mt. 13: 47-53

The Gospel of today is with full of questions. Jesus is in the midst of questions, in his own homeland. All these questions are directed towards his own identity. People who know him, who has seen him growing from a child to a young man asking questions which resulted from their unbelief and doubt. A humiliating experience for any man who is faced with a question that challenges his identity, Jesus too is in the same situation.
Do we become like people who question Jesus. Do the words and deeds of Jesus astound us? Do we ask the question, from where did he get all these knowledge and power? We may not ask, but certain times our attitudes and priorities in life turn out to be questions that block Jesus to enter into our lives. Jesus was rejected in his own homeland, a rejection at its worst. Jesus experienced the rejection of every kind in his life. The rejection by his own people, a rejection that took away his own life. Foxes have dens, birds have nests, but the son of man has no place to lay His head. He experienced the rejection and alienation in his own homeland, he experienced all these rejections and alienations to save the human race that were rejected and alienated because of their sins.
Let us reflect on our own live, we are living in a world of comforts and luxury accepted by all recognized by all. We are surrounded by many to love us, care for us. But, what is our attitude when rejections and alienations strike our lives, how do we take them? People loose meaning in their lives when surrounded by problems and challenges. People often lose their faith in God and blame God for having given them situations of sorrow and sufferings. As He was undergoing the greatest rejection on the cross he did not condemn any one, rather he forgave them, prayed for them, and commended His spirit in to the hands of the Lord. Hearkening to the voice of the Lord, who said, “come to me all who are weary and thirsty and I will give you rest” let us submit ourselves to the Lord in times of sorrow and suffering and also become Zone of God’s love and concern people are in the storm of depression.
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