01 January 2019: Mother of God


The Octave Day of Christmas
Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God
Lectionary: 18

Reading 1 Nm 6:22-27; Gospel Lk 2:16-21

Every New Year brings with it new promises. The last year had taught us enough, that we cannot waste our time anymore in thinking what we have not achieved. Instead let’s be determined and focus on how we can move ahead in this coming year.

The solemnity of the Mother of God and the Gospel today sheds light on how we can make our New Year a prosperous and joyful one. The facts that we saw yesterday revealed in the Gospel are actually an eye-opener for everyone who was in ignorance. Whereas today’s Gospel moves one step ahead and teaches us through the shepherds and our Blessed Mother, how we have to live the life being in union with our creator.

The Shepherds in the Gospel who received the good news teach us how to be receptive to the heavenly realities, of which we are a part. The moment they heard the good news from the angels, they neither questioned nor doubted rather they believed and responded immediately (Lk 2:16athey went with haste…).

The response of Shepherds to the Good News was not guided by the darkness but by the light of Hope. This hope led them to the glorious vision of the Saviour who was born for them and for whom they were waiting (Lk 2:16b and found Mary and Joseph and the child lying in manger).

What the shepherds did after the glorious vision is very important. They went and shared their joy with the rest of the world (Lk 2:17 they made known what had been told them about the child).

Thus, every Christian is called to be receptive to the heavenly realities and to respond to them in faith. Even at the darkest moments of our lives we should be guided and led to eternal salvation.

In the Gospel we also see our Blessed Mother who teaches us how we need to ponder on the word of God which in turn will bear the fruit in us at an appropriate time. All that we need is to be patient for God to act.

Maythis New Year help each one of us to become more receptive like the shepherds anda ponderer like our Blessed Mother.

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