01 Aug 2018: Have you found the treasure and the Pearl?


Saint Alphonsus Liguouri, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

Reading 1: Jer 15:10, 16-21; Gospel: Mt 13:44-46

My heart is restless until they rest in you. These words of St. Augustine express his longing to possess Jesus. He found the greatest treasure that is Jesus the Messiah and never ceased to embrace him. The parables of today puts before us a challenging question have you found the treasure, if yes what are you doing to possess it? A man having found a treasure in a field goes and sells all that he has and buys that field. There is nothing unusual it is quite common for anyone to do it. But in this field of world have we found the treasure of Christ’s love, if we have found do we listen to Jesus who said, “Go and sell everything then come and follow me. But we are confused, we are in the midst of treasures and pearls, all what we need to do is to possess the greatest and valuable treasure  among all these that is the faith in Jesus.

Gong out from the comfort zones of worldliness, selling our egos and other priorities we need to possess the treasure of faith that would give us everlasting life. St. Alphonsa did this, St. Teresa strived hard to possess this treasure and the saints never ceased to embrace the treasure of the love of Jesus. The question is have we found the treasure and if we have found what are we up to? In a world filled with pearls and treasures we need to set our goal towards that precious pearl, a pearl of greater value, the pearl that is send from heaven, the pearl trampled and nailed on the cross but not crushed above  all the pearl that emanates the rays of new life. Let us strive towards that treasure, let us fix our gaze on to that precious pearl, Jesus. let us embrace Him, possess Him and share his love with others so that we become the pointers towards the treasure that is hidden, not yet found.

My heart is restless until they rest in you.

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