01 April 2019: Jesus, the Enemy of Miracles!


Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Reading 1: Isaiah 65:17-21; Gospel :John 4:43-54

‘So, you will not believe unless you see signs and portents!’

Every page of the Gospels seems to contain a miracle. And yet Jesus was an enemy of miracles! Any discerning reader of the Gospels knows it. Most of his miracles were stolen from him out of his pity, or given as a price for faith in him. He told the healed ones not to tell it to others, which obviously, they did not obey. This is because he did not want to be reduced just to a miracle worker. He did not want to be a politician or philanthropist throwing freebies left and right, to the poor. He worked miracles only as a sign of the presence of God. And he complained several times that unless they saw miracles they did not believe. “This wicked generation asks for a sign,” he complained about the Pharisees. Imagine, those who were seeking miracles were called “wicked”! People ran after his miracles, and not after his teaching. He had to buy faith and love from the people through miracles. That was painful. He wept over this matter and angrily condemned the towns very familiar to him, like Capernaum, Bethsaida and Jerusalem, for their lack of faith.

Today the case is no different. Why are there so many pilgrims to miracle shrines? Why such a big crowd in healing conventions? We are inveterate miracle seekers. Without it we don’t believe. We think that God has to re-arrange the order of the universe in order to prove to us that he loves us. If he does our will we call it a miracle. Instead, the real miracle is when a human being does His will! That seems to be a rare occurrence.

There is another reason, why the search for miracles could obstruct our real faith. We do not see that God loves us in every moment. When we look for fantastic miracles, we fail to see that daily miracles that come from his providence. The entire universe is a miracle. Our human body and spirit are miracles, and so are the flowering of a rose, and the birth of a baby and the flight of a bird. If we drop one grain in the ground, a hundred of them grow up. It is nothing but a miracle. Since it is happening so often we fail to recognize it. God loves us every moment, even in our suffering and difficulties. If we can believe in that, the miracle of faith has begun to take root in us.

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