18 April 2019 : Clericalism versus Servanthood

HOLY WEEK Thursday Exodus 12:1-8,11-14; 1 Corinthians 11:23-26; John 13:1-15 Jesus said to Peter, ‘If I do not wash you, you can have nothing in common...

16 April 2019: The most serious betrayal is converting God to one’s own ideology

Tuesday of Holy Week Reading 1 : Isaiah 49:1-6;  Gospel;John 13:21-33,36-38 At that instant, after Judas had taken the bread, Satan entered him. Judas! The very name...

15 April 2019: Let us not adore the gods of utility

Monday of Holy Week Isaiah 42:1-7; John 12:1-11 ‘Why wasn’t this ointment sold for three hundred denarii, and the money given to the poor?’  Clowning in Rome,...

14 April 2019: Why this political road show?

HOLY WEEK Palm Sunday – Passion Sunday Reading 1:  Isaiah 50:4-7; Reading 2: Philippians 2:6-11 Passion Narrative: Matthew 26:14-27:66  For my part I offered no resistance, neither did I...


31 August 2019; God is among us

Saturday of the Twenty-first Week in Ordinary Time Readings; 1 THES 4:9-11, Matthew 25:14-30   Today’s Gospel is about the rich landowner who entrusted large amounts of...


Practical Guidelines to overcome porn addiction

Having examined some of the details about the danger of pornography let me suggest some of ways of overcoming porn addiction. One of the first...

Church View

3 Effects of Pornography

Impact of Porn on youth


25 Sept 2017: Torch Bearer

Monday of the Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time Reading 1: Ezr. 1: 1-6; Gospel: Lk. 8: 16-18 Introductory Prayer: Lord, you dwell in brightness, truth, and love....

World Day of the Poor

This is my beloved Son!

23 December, 2017: Silence